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With the emergence of plastic cards and business cards, one more device appeared in our everyday life — card holders. Is this an extra accessory or an absolute necessity? And is it necessary to be a business person to buy a business card holder?
Despite the fact that everyone answers such questions on their own, it can hardly be denied that business card holders are a great alternative to folding cards in their own pockets, accumulating them in a wallet or purse.
At the same time, business cards are not the only thing for which the cardholder will become a “haven”. Here it is just right to talk about bank credit cards, passes, transport passes, as well as discount cards, of which many are issued in shopping centers.
Of course, you can replace a business card holder with a wallet, and many do just that. However, the cardholder is designed for a much larger number of cards, which means it is much more spacious. At the same time, card holders are compact and take up less space than a mobile phone, and in terms of weight, they significantly exceed the latter.
Thus, the first advantage of cardholders is convenience and functionality. The second, perhaps, is worth noting the representativeness. Agree, if a person does not rummage in the bowels of the bag in search of a cardboard with the desired phone number, but instead takes out a stylish and neat business card holder — it looks much more spectacular
The traditional business card holder is just one type of card holder. There are also:
— Desktop business card holders. Such an accessory, as a rule, is intended for an office or office and provides for storing a large number of cards. Usually, such cardholders have an alphabetical index for convenience, which allows you to quickly find the one you need among the many business cards and cards.
— Business card holders. They are plastic or metal boxes that are designed to store your own business cards. In this case, much attention is paid to the appearance of business card holders, since they emphasize the representativeness and business style of their owner.
— Pocket card holders. The most common type. A useful accessory that is always ready to provide the owner with the necessary information, the necessary contact or a precious discount when buying a favorite dress.
Among other things, card holders can be a great gift, no matter who the birthday person is, the tough boss, the significant other, or a beloved girlfriend.
Plus, cardholders, contrary to popular belief, often boast beautiful designs. Is an elegant red business card holder suitable for a handbag? Or do you want to buy a light brown model, decorated with rhinestones, to match your wallet?