Shop fresh dumps with pin

Plastic cards are the modern custodians of the capital of the absolute majority of all working people in the developed countries of the world. And if in Russia the idea of ​​popularizing plastic cards has covered the majority in the last five to seven years, then in America the «plastic guardian of capital» has been known and popular for a very long time. And some Americans began to look differently at the usual plastic cards.
So, Kelly Campbell once found an expired Visa credit card among her belongings and decided to make … earrings out of it. Kelly says that many of her friends and acquaintances liked such creativity, and her mother wore these earrings with pleasure. It was this fashionable little thing with a credit-plastic past that became the beginning of a career as a designer for Kelly. Today Campbell has created a successful business project that operates under the brand name «Kellybeth Designs». Katie, Kelly’s twin sister, helps her talented relative in everything and also creates unique eco-friendly bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry from plastic cards. The girls’ works can be purchased at their online store and in stores across America for an average price of thirty US dollars.
Where are the sisters — designers get so much raw material for their products? Kelly says that at first she had to go to various branches of banks and ask permission to inspect trash cans in search of plastic cards. Now, when her business has grown and everyone already knows what she does, plastic cards «find» her themselves.
Kelly admits that before starting to create another piece of jewelry, she clearly imagines it. Sometimes he even makes some sketches. And after detailing, he starts cutting the plastic card into the required number of parts, giving them the desired shape.