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Now most people have switched to cashless payments. This is both more convenient and safer than carrying a small amount in your wallet and worrying whether it will be stolen or not. Now we will consider the main advantages of a bank card and tell you about them in more detail.
As mentioned above, if you have a card, you can not carry large amounts of money with you, but still buy the necessary goods. Most shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. already accept cards. But, unfortunately, not all.
Many managers underestimate their stores, but if you advise them to get a terminal in the guestbook, the management will go to the meeting.
At the moment, there have been many studies that prove that there is a very large number of microorganisms on the money. Because of which you can get a bunch of infectious diseases. Therefore, using cash, we put ourselves in danger.
A bank card leaves our wallet for a few seconds, making a purchase, and their purity is easier to control.
It is very unlikely to return the money in the wallet if it is lost or stolen, and the funds on the card can be saved if the card is blocked in time. Also, many banks provide an insurance service for the loss of a card and funds that are stored there.
A bank card is the safest way to use funds, but only if used correctly!
Each country has a different currency and its exchange takes quite a long time, but the funds that you have on the card can be paid off or withdrawn anywhere in the world. This is due to the fact that funds are automatically converted into the payment currency.
Financial control
With constant use of the card, you can analyze your expenses using monthly card statements.
Cost analysis allows you to find out the main costs and limit them if necessary.
Status indicator
All over the world, it is believed that having a bank card shows your good financial position, and a premium payment card is an indicator of your status and your serious attitude to money.
Pleasant surprises
If you have a credit card, you can make a profitable and necessary purchase even if the required amount is not on the account, because it often happens that we are given the opportunity to make a good purchase here and now. However, it is worth controlling yourself in making frequent spontaneous purchases, because if you lose self-control, a big hole can form in your family budget.
Remote ordering of services
If you have a bank card, you can make a purchase via the Internet, phone and other similar resources.