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The number of credit card users is increasing every day, as all banks offer this product to their customers. The difference between all credit cards is only in the available money limit, grace period and additional points.
Positive qualities of a credit card.
1. If there is no need for credit money, then the card simply can not be used. There is no frequency of its use.
2. Convenience of use, since funds are at hand at any time.
3. No risk of being hacked by fraudsters.
4. Various bonuses, cach-back.
5. The system of accumulating personal funds on the card.
6. You can get several credit cards at once, just in different banks. In this case, money is always at hand in any life situation.
7. Availability of a grace period. This is the period of time during which the owner is not charged interest on the loan funds.
8. It is permissible to pay with credit cards during travel and recreation around the world.
Negative sides.
1. Annual service. In any loan product, the financial institution must have its own benefit. And credit cards are no exception. If the issue of the card is absolutely free, and not a ruble is charged for its use in the first year, then for subsequent years it will be necessary to pay the amount set by the bank.
2. Some credit cards can be used only as a non-cash payment, and there is simply no possibility of withdrawing money from ATMs.
3. Using the card in a vicious circle. Some clients’ income is equal to the card limit. Thus, the entire amount earned goes only to pay off the credit debt. Further, all the necessary purchases are again made with a credit card.
Whether or not to receive a credit card is up to everyone independently, and this decision must be balanced and deliberate. After all, a credit card can only be useful in its correct use. But, if you abuse it, you can drive yourself into a financial hole. You need to be clearly aware of what amount is permissible for use. For some it is quite appropriate to compare the credit shopaholic with drug addiction.
In other words, a credit card is a product that must be used in a reasonable amount, following the instructions and not forgetting about the side effects. Credit cards can certainly help out a lot at times, but … they will never make a person richer. They only give a similar illusion for a certain period of time.